AmiBroker ,Ninja Trader,Metastock Live Data Feed

We provide realtime data for multiple charting software like Metastock, Amibroker, Advance Get, NinjaTrader, Elwave, Fibonacci Galactic Trader, Multi Chart, multitrade pro, nurosell trader etc simultaenously. It is a Data on demand mechanism . You can get 1 min data with tick by tick update. There is no delay in data broadcast. The data is in eSignal Plugin format. Get Ultra fast real time data for All eSignal Plugin Supported Softwares.

About Us

  • We are a dedicated team of professionals having experience in Stock and Commodities Market. We are committed to our distinctive culture and core values, which always place our clients interest first. Our values emphasis integrity, transparency, commitment to excellence and team work. The foundation of our information chain is the data management and we work with varying data types. Ensuring accuracy, speed and quality of formation delivery is part of our business. Together as a team, we bring in a rich mix of sound academic knowledge, depth of market experience and latest technology practices.

  • Our Object:-

  • To provide value for our Customers to the best of our capabilities.Our time tested system process delivers long term profitability rather than short term uncertainty.

  • Our Vision

  • We realise however, that every persons might be individually biased. So we provide a platform for any person. More over when it comes to trading psychology. Most traders spend days, months and even years to find the right system. But having a perfect and accurate system is part of the game and to have a system that perfectly suits the traders. Here, we, provide the unique system for you for the investment in Stock and Commodities and helping you in creating wealth.

  • Business Strategy

  • To help achieve this key aim, the JrtLive Systems is investing a lot of effort in a major development which includes the construction of a new broadcasting mechanismand major improvements to existing facilities.
    Internally, the jrtlivedata Systems is focused on the development of a strong, high-performance based and commercially focused company and workforce. The jrtlivedata Systems senior management has articulated a core company value with an emphasis on communication that defines the company's Vision Mission and Values and Sets-out clear corporate objectives in the creation of a business focused company.
    The jrtlivedata Systems is committed to delivering the best service for all its clients in addition to meeting the policy objectives of its primary stakeholder. The jrtlivedata Systems is also equally aware of its responsibility to the wider communities it operates in and the critical role it will continue to play in the lives of both its employees and the clients.

  • Our Team

  • jrtlivedata is proud of its company team. jrtlivedata believes that people are the key for successfully provided high level off shore software development services and more importantly an ongoing relationship with our clients. jrtlivedata has a clear policy of employing the very best in there field.